Contactless NFC CardsCut through a billion web pages - pop a ShowCard® to get people you meet (offline) online.

ShowCards® Capture Moments

ShowCard SIM BadgeA ShowCard® is the simplest, fastest way of capturing offline moments - getting real people online and connected to exciting brands hungry to convert real business opportunities.

This is a ShowCard® - trust it to take you places.

NFC mobile phoneShowCards® are contactless (NFC) cards which drive people online to where you need them to be. Simply pop a mobile phone onto of one of our ShowCards® (or aim your camera at the twinned QR code) for your phone to detect and act-upon the hyperlink encoded into the card. There is no faster way of getting people online - to buy, to connect and to share.

What can a ShowCard® do?

ShowCards® can link anywhere to anything. Bypassing the search engines and cutting through a billion webpages, a ShowCard® captures moments and creates new opportunities for sharing, loyalty, referral and advocacy. The contactless NFC cards are to be found: in-business, enabling referrals and strengthening reputation; within campaigns, generating leads and driving sales; and right across the socials, winning new followers and sharing exciting content.

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A ShowCard® gives you the ability to track how your Customers share and interact with your brand.

Really get to know your Customers

Our personalised NFC ShowCard® allows you to understand the value and distinctive engagement of each of your customers. With our ability to create a uniquely identifiable ShowCard®, we can offer you never seen before insight, understanding the how, when and why customers are sharing your brand.

The ShowCard® opens up a new world of opportunity by connecting the offline moments to online conversions and creating opportunities for advocacy, loyalty, more exposure and better business.

Really get to know your staff

We log each time a ShowCard® is popped and can share this data with the campaign owner. Make a note of which member of staff is issued with a particular card and begin generating TruePromoter data by identifying and correctly incentivising the member of staff who is genuinely working hard to win you Customer feedback.

Sharon Whiting - Contactless LinkedIn ShowCardHypermedia campaigns & digital print

A ShowCard® is a brand new form of digital print that we refer to as Hypermedia.

Generation Pop wants you to stop printing in the thousands and start thinking about making best use of contactless and digital print to chase the ultimate in personalisation - the print run of one.

The exclusive web-to-print variable data print platform that has been developed specifically for the production of ShowCards® allows us to create bespoke template designs and personalise ultra-short print runs as short as just 3.

This unparalleled print-on-demand capability and the lack of any hang-up about printing thousands, means that we offer incredible value and insight for small independent business owners and worldwide brands alike.