Contactless NFC HyperlinkA ShowCard® is a contactless NFC card that captures moments - hyperlinking anywhere to anything...

This is ShowCard®

A ShowCard® is a printed, contactless card that is able to trigger any one of a number of helpful actions within all makes of smartphone.

Steve Whiting Generation Pop LinkedIn ShowCard demoThe contactless, NFC chip inside our triple-ply ShowCard® is safely encoded, by us, with a regular Internet hyperlink. Pop a mobile on a ShowCard® and the phone will detect and act-upon the link it has found.

The hyperlinks we click each day are, undeniably, the one feature that defines our everyday experience of the Internet. A ShowCard® securely and safely stores a hyperlink inside a printed, contactless card; ready to allow you to get the people you meet (offline) online - to buy, to connect and to share.

"Anywhere to Anything"

Just as the hyperlinks we click everyday can take us anywhere to download everything so too a ShowCard® can link anywhere to anything - A2A.

There is a ShowCard® for every conceivable moment in which you have a need to take someone online.

Likes & Favs

Use a ShowCard® to get people onto your social media account, to view a photo or to read a favourite post. Pop a mobile on a ShowCard® and load a Google map with helpful directions to your shop or venue. Use a ShowCard® to create a link to your page on TripAdvisor or Trustpilot so that your Customers can rate your business and leave valuable feedback.

Eliot Hill, multi-disciplinary designer - Twitter ShowCard Naughty Automotive Car Enthusiasts on Instagram Sharon Whiting Generation Pop on LinkedIn Zara Brownless TED Talk on YouTube Steve Whiting - he's hardly ever on Facebook you know

Custom colour QR codesNeed 100% Brand Fidelity?The on-demand digital print capability of Generation Pop enables us to personalise every aspect of your ShowCard® right down to the QR code. Our colour management capabilities allow us to tailor every aspect of the contactless card's design and ensure 100% brand fidelity.

Retail Loyalty ShowCardsWant To Create Customer Loyalty?Our contactless Loyalty ShowCards® can run in campaign mode and be used as the beating heart of a retail loyalty programme. Independent retailers are not required to upgrade tills or EPOS because all that's required to run a loyalty scheme is a regular smartphone.

Complete PersonalisationNeed To Make It Personal?The ultra-short digital print run lengths offered by Generation Pop mean that you can order as little as 3 ShowCards®. Connect to personal or portfolio websites so that recruiters and interviewers can have immediate access to your career highlights and professional capabilities.

Steve Whiting Art of Search SEO download Amazon iTunesJust Published a Book?Keep a ShowCard® in your pocket at all times so you can make book sales on the spot with links to digital book stores such as Amazon and iBooks. Get people you meet where you want them to be - online buying your digital products!

Raise money for a good cause with a ShowCard - Just GivingRaising Money for a Good Cause?Create a fund-raising page on any number of platforms such as Just Giving, Ko-fi or KickStarter and use a ShowCard® to capture the moment and offer people a simple and fast way to support, sponsor or invest in you.

Award Solutions discounted 5G trainingGot An Exclusive Offer?Convert people you meet at seminars, exhibitions or conferences into Customers with a ShowCards®. Create a link to a page that allows people to apply for your special or exclusive offer and convert genuine interest into real business opportunities on the spot.

Comfort Homecare Facebook likesWant To Win More Likes?Use a ShowCard® to link satisfied Customers directly to your business profile on any social media platform so that they can leave you some immediate feedback which rates and reviews your business.

Promote your blog with a ShowCardNeed More Eyes On Your Blog?You can use a branded and personalise ShowCard® to capture the moment - offering people you meet in real life a fast and simple way of linking to your latest blog to read on their own phone.

Sign-up to My Mustard's Email NewsletterWant More Digital Subscribers?Whether you're marketing your business with an email newsletter or a traditional printed newsletter you need to capture subscribers addresses. A branded ShowCard® allows you to link directly to your website sign-up or subscription page.

Chinese Contactless Fortune CookieWant To Get People Talking?Generation Pop are the original fortune cookie ShowCard® company. Our contactless Chinese fortune cookies are the give-away that people will actually take-away and share with friends, family and colleagues. Don't just wish for good fortune - make it!

Car Wash online reviews with a ShowCardTurn Customers Into AdvocatesFrom car washes to car dealerships - everybody needs to send a positive message of excellent Customer experience into the marketplace. Personalise a ShowCard® with the details of your business and harness all that the trust economy has to offer by winning 5 star online reviews.

Patient Experience FeedbackChoose The Right MomentMaking best use of ShowCard® technology is all about choosing the right moment to ask for feedback. Make the provision of quality feedback quick and simple by enabling service users to offer feedback on their own devices at a time that's convenient for them.

…or maybe you've just got a website domain name that people have difficulty remembering or spelling.

A ShowCard® saves you having to remember website addresses and totally bypasses the search engines whilst protecting the privacy of the people you invite online. There is no faster way of getting people online.

NFC logoNFC is exactly the same technology that's locked inside your contactless credit cards and is securely powering mobile payment networks such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Can everyone use NFC?

No. Not every smartphone is enabled with an NFC chip[1] so a ShowCard® sports a matching QR code so owners of older smartphones are still able to hyperlink to the same place as people able to use NFC. However, not everyone still knows how to scan a QR code and so we like to print a failsafe URL (website address) on each of our cards.

Contactless ShowCard NFC chip tag ShowCard fall-back QR code for early iPhones Printed failsafe web address

Graceful degradation

A ShowCard® is built upon the graceful degradation design philosophy that centers upon building a modern, mobile, web experience for the latest smartphones but offering fall-backs to an experience that, while not as good, still delivers essential ShowCard® content and functionality in older mobiles.

Our core contactless technology is an NFC chip that's twinned with a QR code as a safe and reliable fall-back for users who aren't able to use NFC. Underpinning both contactless technologies, a failsafe URL may be found printed onto the ShowCard® for those who either can't or don't wish to use a QR code. What sets a ShowCard® apart (and ensures our economic model of production) is our founding and unmatched ability to populate a digitally or litho printed card with variable data.

Ultra Short Digital Print Runs

The days of ordering 250 business cards are over. You can order as little as 3 ShowCards®. Choose one of our exiting design templates or supply us with your own design.

We print-on-demand so you don't need to stockpile cards and give them away - keep hold of your cards and share your links. With a ShowCard® you'll no longer be guilt-tripped by a drawer that hides boxes of unused business cards, silently reminding you how few you've given away.

Update your card as your offer evolves, when your mobile number changes and as often as your look stays on-trend. The selfie ShowCard® is a sure-fire winner.

A ShowCard® captures moments and hyperlinks anywhere - cutting through a billion web pages to get people you meet (offline) online - to buy, to connect and to share.

1. A report by ScientiaMobile in February 2019 states that NFC support continues to grow - with 73% of smartphones used having NFC support.