Win New FollowersTurn people you meet into followers - in-person, on the spot and on their phone. Get their comments and win their likes!

ShowCards® - the Hypermedia for Social Media Sharing

Generation Pop introduce you to a new form of print - we call it Hypermedia. Upload one of our printed cards with your latest selfie and we'll hyperlink the card to whichever social media account or post you like.

Cool, calm & connected

We print ultra-short runs so you can order as little as 3 contactless social ShowCards®. Take one card anywhere in your purse, pocket or wallet; carry one card in your car's glove compartment; then keep one card as a back-up at home and you'll never miss the moment to win new followers.

A ShowCard® lets you instantly convert people you meet IRL into followers.

Win followers instantly

Our contactless social cards use NFC to make the instant connection between the card you carry and their mobile. Influencers no longer need to worry about going out clutching a fistful of business cards (and running the risk of looking totally desperate) because they can now go out armed with just one ShowCard®. Build your personal brand, win new followers and use your ShowCard® to show-off and share your latest and greatest selfie.

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Don't just tell them you're big on social media - show them!

Buy me a Hobnob with a ShowCardURLs IRL 🚀

We have a ShowCard® to help you capture every moment - whether you are building your personal brand on Instagram, broadcasting on YouTube, uploading new music to Soundcloud, campaigning on Twitter, attracting attendees on Eventbrite, securing investors on Kickstarter, raising funds on JustGiving, getting paid with Ko-Fi, podcasting through iTunes or maybe just sharing the lols on Facebook.

Our social media cards are available in portrait and lanscape formats and come in designs for every major social network.

Just pop a mobile on a ShowCard® and get the people you meet (offline) right where you want them to be - online; converting people into followers on-the-spot.

Now let them go find more followers for you

Contactless NFC campaign messaging with a tweet on TwitterYou've used your ShowCard® to win a new follower but what if your ShowCard® was also able to let people you meet tweet your controlled message to all of their followers? We can reduce your dependency upon the retweet by embedding your campaign message into a ShowCard®.

What you're looking-at here is powerful demonstration of our hypermedia in action. The ShowCard® uses a regular web hyperlink to link to and automatically create a new tweet from the Twitter account of the person you've just met. No apps, no plugins and no waiting - no kidding! The tweet you'll have just invoked will bear the exact message we've programmed into the contactless card for you - complete with hashtags, links to content, links to your Twitter account and links to your website. Get creative and go viral within 280 characters.