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Fortune Cookie 🥠 ShowCards®Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come. Get everyone talking about your Chinese restaurant with a Fortune Cookie ShowCard®.

Introducing Fortune Cookie ShowCards®

Build upon tradition and give the Customers of your Chinese restaurant a branded ShowCard® that finishes their meal in style by using their own mobile to reveal their own personal fortune! 🧧

Contactless NFC Fortune CookiesWe personalise your contactless NFC fortune cookies with your restaurant's name and address. Our library of over 1,700 proverbs (fortunes) is composed with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Confucius, Sun Tzu, The Buddha as well as traditional English and Chinese proverbs.

A Fortune Cookie ShowCard® is a brand new way to wish your Customers good fortune with a contactless card that promotes your Chinese restaurant and reveals Customers' future. Using the twin technologies of contactless NFC and printed QR code, the ShowCard® Fortune Cookie is a fun and high-value way of getting people talk about their experience of your Chinese restaurant with friends, family and colleages.

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A ShowCard® can display the address of your Chinese restaurant and contact details as well as a range of fortune cookie messages customised to your own restaurant.

Fortune Cookie ShowCard for Chinese restaurantsOur NFC fortune cookie cards are available in a growing range of contactless card designs ranging from traditional and brushwork through to cartoon and contemporary - all of which may be personalised, featuring your Chinese restaurant name.

Use our revolutionary Domino ShowCard® for double the value with a fortune as well as a contactless NFC hyperlink to a website of your choice!

You could link to your restaurant's website, you could link to TripAdvisor and encourage your customers to leave you quality feedback or you could encourage customers to sign-up to your loyalty programme.

We have already looked into the future and can show you where your fortune may be found. Complete and submit this form and arrange for your Chinese restaurant to be sent a free contactless fortune cookie sample book that demonstrates the future of word-of-mouth mobile marketing for the eastern business sector.

Don't just wish for good fortune - make it! With a Chinese Fortune Cookie ShowCard® from Generation Pop.