Secure Business ReferralsWin new business referrals with just one ShowCard® and track which of your Customers are TruePromoters.

Contactless Business Referral ShowCards®

Give a ShowCard® to a satisfied Customer and watch them use the contactless business card to multiply that feel-good-factor amongst their friends, family and colleagues.

Generation Pop NFC business referral ShowCard demoWord-of-mouth is the strongest but least understood sales driver out there. The trust economy is booming online but, regardless of what your website might be trying to say, today's Customer pays more attention to the experiences of their friends and peers. Our ShowCards® leverage offline moments in which people share their experiences and feelings - turning these moments into new business referral opportunities for you.

How To Incentivise Refer-A-Friend Campaigns

Pop a mobile onto one of our Referral ShowCards® and open a sales lead form for a new Customer to complete and submit. The secure form is hosted upon our referral web server and so it knows, precisely, which ShowCard® activated the visit.

Once the form is submitted we notify the referrer, by email, that their friend/colleague has successfully made contact. Therefore, each and every sales lead generated by word of mouth and personal recommendation is attributable and may be tracked-back so that, for the first time, sales commission may be accurately paid to the real introducer.

Referral ShowCards® Introduce You To C2C (Yes! Customer to Consumer!)

We call this new kind of word-of-mouth business referral C2C. Our short-run, print-on-demand, contactless ShowCards® are fully branded and personalised by default. Pop a ShowCard® into a sales pack, direct mail or simply hand one over during a Customer retention visit and arm your Customers with everything they need to introduce your business. We call this kind of Customer, one who willingly and freely acts as an advocate for you, a TruePromoter.

Our understanding of word-of-mouth means that we're able to take your marketing one step further to uncover TruePromoter data.

Steve Hilliard Hairdressers LutonNever before has there been a technology that offers business the kind of confidence that a branded, personalised, secure, tracked, contactless Referral ShowCard® is able to offer. You remain in control of how you run your business referral campaign - you choose what to offer new Customers and decide whether to incentivise the referrer themselves as a thank you for the introduction.

"Weaponising" your Customers

A ShowCard® is a supremely powerful weapon for any business, large or small, engaged in the battle for better business - from utility companies, high street brands, clubs and membership businesses, online startups, mortgage advisors and tradespeople through to hairdressers and photographers.

Looking for a big business solution?

Our ShowCards® can be configured to track each usage and, thanks to our ability to integrate with Google Analytics, can spearhead a fully-fledged referral scheme. Arm your satisfied Customers with a ShowCard® to recommend your business and take a step towards surfacing, what we're calling, TruePromoter data.