Business Advocates and Free ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FeedbackUse ShowCards® to build trust, create brand advocates, protect your online reputation and win immediate Customer feedback.

Win Customer Feedback With A ShowCard®

Want quick, easy and instant feedback about the experience of your Customers or service users? Looking to boost your review ratings and gain recommendations online?

"How Did We Do Today?"

Generation Pop TripAdvisor ShowCard demoGeneration Pop's ShowCards® are the perfect mobile feedback mechanism. Whether you are looking for instant Customer experience feedback or a simple star rating, our contactless, personalised and branded ShowCards® allow your Customers, guests and users to immediately link to the review website you need them be using.

Getting more feedback will improve your online reputation management and save your teams the headache of carrying leaflets and pens; whilst shredding the amount of time spent waiting for your Customers' form-filling. By popping a mobile on a contactless ShowCard®, you allow your Customers to share their experience at their own pace, on their own device.

And, because the ShowCard® is digital, your staff reuse the same smart business card for all feedback - you make better use of time, you spend less on print and, better still, you have the potential to surface TruePromoter data by tracking ShowCard® usage to understand which members of staff are actively securing feedback and reviews.

Once you embark upon your journey to outstanding with Generation Pop, you'll be able, for the first time ever, to identify your TruePromoters. Correctly incentivise the staff who secure the most reviews on independent reputation management sites.
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TripAdvisor ShowCard for Henry Moore Sculpture attractionHow do ShowCards® drive 5 star reviews reviews?

Our smart campaign cards use the twin contactless technologies of NFC and QR - making them ideal for any attraction, hotel, restaurant, SME or public sector organisation wishing to boost their ratings on reputation management sites such as TripAdvisor. Our ShowCards® are programmed to link to a review page for a specific site or unit, breaking down all barriers to gaining your 5 star reviews.

NFC ShowCards® are also perfect for any tradesman who wants to earn Customer Reviews on sites such as TrustATrader, Facebook, Rated People, Checkatrade, Truspilot and Google MyBusiness. There is no faster way of getting people you meet (offline) online - to buy, to connect and to share.

Never lose the moment again

There is no better time to venture into the realm of Customers' experience than when presenting a bill for the service you've just provided - whether you're a restaurant, hotelier, plumber or dog groomer. Just ask Customers if they wouldn't mind rating your service by popping their mobile on your personalised ShowCard®. Whether they are comfortable with NFC or QR code, your ShowCard® will instantly take them to the correct page of your preferred review site.

Customers already pay you with contactless technology so why wouldn't you ask them to pay you a compliment contactlessly too?!

Capture this valuable moment and secure positive, meaningful feedback. Because you know that, by the time you part company, despite their best intentions, many will already have forgotten every word about their promise to share their great experience for you. The people who will, however, take the time and trouble to offer feedback at a later point will be those keen to share negative feedback - presenting a distorted and a statistically questionable view of your CX. You owe it to your future Customers to present a balanced view of your Customer experience so don't lose the opportunity to pursue as much genuine feedback as possible.

Chinese Fortune Cookie NFC ShowCardFinishing a meal the right way

Don't just wish for good fortune - make it! Generation Pop Limited are proud to introduce the fortune cookie ShowCard® as the perfect way for Customers to finish a meal on a positive note. Instead of handing-out regular fortune cookies (just like every other Chinese restaurant in town) why not let your Customers reveal their fortune whilst you make yours?

Your fortune cookie ShowCards® can be based upon one of our standard designs or can be individually tailored so that each and every element of the contactless card is individual to your own restaurant. From the images and designs which appear on the front and back of the card, right down to the message that magically appears on your Customers' mobiles. We can provide you with traditional proverbs and fortunes as well as ancient wisdom from Confucius and Sun Tzu or words of wisdom from today's business and spiritual leaders.

The fortune cookie ShowCard® is the give-away they'll want to take-away and share.

As Customers use the contactless card you'll be giving them reason to remember and share with their friends and family the wonderful meal they enjoyed at your restaurant. Double your luck and make your fortune more quickly with the two NFC chips of a Domino ShowCard® - one chip tells the fortune whilst the other can link to your website or a Google Map to make your restaurant's location easy to share and find!