GDPR Compliant by DefaultBy design, a ShowCard® achieves GDPR compliance - safely capturing moments by not processing personal data...

ShowCards® & GDPR

A ShowCard® is, by design and by default, GDPR compliant.

No personal data is stored within the contactless card's NFC chip or its printed QR code. The URL that a ShowCard® links to is unique to each and every card. And, although the ShowCards® are themselves unique and, therefore, trackable; there is, at the point of usage, no way of capturing or calculating the identity of the person [the "User"[1]] 'popping'[2] a card with their mobile phone.

The hyperlinks we click each day are, undeniably, the one feature that defines our everyday experience of the Internet. A ShowCard® securely and safely stores a hyperlink inside a printed, contactless card; ready to allow you to get the people you meet (offline) online - to buy, to connect and to share.

Ethical and Lawful Tracking

Each and every ShowCard® issued is linked to a unique URL. Our system decodes the URI, validates that the URL is valid and then looks-up which one of a number of actions to perform - the most common action is to instantly redirect the User to a target destination URL on the Web.

The core authentication and look-up work, undertaken via the URL, means that Generation Pop Limited is able to count and report the instances of valid ShowCard® uses, whilst providing value by protecting Carriers[1] and Issuers[1] against malicious traffic. Each 'pop'[2] of a ShowCard® leaves a data footprint on our system but our system is built in such a way that it is unable to identify any personal data through the use of a ShowCard®.

The web-forwarding functions of the domain do not serve cookies upon Users.

The ShowCard® is, by design and by default, hypermedia which satisfies the requirements of the GDPR Regulations.
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1. Generation Pop Limited ["us"/"we"] distinguishes individuals and entities as Users, Carriers and Issuers. Users are, to us, anonymous individuals who have been encouraged to take action by 'popping' their mobile device onto a contactless ShowCard®. Carriers are individuals or sites provided with one or more ShowCards® with the intention of using the contactless cards to get Users online. Issuers are the individuals or companies which we recognise as Customers who have procured our ShowCards® and our design/consultancy services.

2. Generation Pop Limited has chosen to use the words pop/popping to express the action of scanning/invoking a ShowCard's® NFC tag or printed QR code with a mobile device or smartphone.