Ask For More Than FeedbackNever miss the opportunity to ask Customers how you're doing - attract and engage people when they have time on their hands.

ShowCards® - the Hypermedia for Out-Of-Home Advertising

Generation Pop introduce you to a new form of print - we call it Hypermedia. Our digitally printed adverts will not only highlight how relevant and popular an offer is in the field but, uniquely, our OOH ads can spotlight which site or location, which room, booth, cubical or even which urinal is a true hotspot for engagement 😲

It's time to radically rethink what print can do for you 🤔

Contactless NFC OOH washroom advertisingGeneration Pop is a digital print pioneer and is fixated upon chasing the print-run of one. To us - print is intensely personal. We don't want to print 350 copies of the same ad - instead, we want to print 350 unique versions of an ad. Our personalised ShowCards® are produced in ultra-short print runs, giving you the power to target both new and existing ad spaces with personalised, site-specific sales messages.

Our contactless personalised prints use NFC to make the instant connection between the wall-mounted ad and Customers' mobiles. Our OOH advertising technology is economic, hands-free and hygienic. Our ShowCards® fit existing ad frames so locations which, to date, have been off-limits to digital displays are now in-play as our hypermedia deploys mobile IoT technology anywhere. Marketers can now target incredibly specific locations with site-specific messages and offers. Established AB testing methods allow marketers to now explore the relevance of commercial messages techniques.

Contactless ShowCards® use NFC tags to hyperlink mobile phones to any website - each tag links to a unique URL and our system logs every activation to calculate ROI and build a heatmap of engagement on a site-wide or country-wide basis.

Win Customer feedback instantly

The trust economy is booming. Want quick, easy and instant feedback about the experience of your Customers or service users? Looking to boost your review ratings and gain recommendations online?

TripAdvisor ShowCard for Henry Moore Sculpture attractionShowCards® drive 5 star reviews reviews

Generation Pop's ShowCards® are the perfect mobile feedback mechanism. Whether you are looking for instant Customer experience feedback or a simple star rating, our contactless, personalised and branded ShowCards® can be wall-mounted anywhere your Customers, guests and users are. They pop their mobile onto a ShowCard® and, using one of our twin technologies of NFC and QR, are to immediately hyperlinked to the review website you're keen for them to be using.

Our hypermedia is more than just short-run display advertising - each one of our ShowCard® prints are permanently active, connected and trackable. Our exclusive, digital, print-on-demand, personalisation capabilities open-up a whole new world of marketing and communication economics and enable your to allow your Customers to connect anywhere to anything.

We have a ShowCard® to help you capture every moment - whether you are building your personal brand on Instagram, broadcasting on YouTube, uploading new music to Soundcloud, campaigning on Twitter, attracting attendees on Eventbrite, securing investors on Kickstarter, raising funds on JustGiving, getting paid with Ko-Fi, podcasting through iTunes or maybe just sharing the lols on Facebook.

Just pop a mobile on a ShowCard® and get the people you're unable to reach (offline) right where you want them to be - online.