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Use a ShowCard® to successfully introduce 3 friends or colleagues to Generation Pop and, to thank you for their business, we'll pay you back by sending you personalised ShowCards, completely free of charge.

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The trust economy is booming - yet word of mouth still seems to be the least understood sales driver. So let us show you how effective word of mouth can be! Complete this form now and join the RAF plan, then discover for yourself (for free) how our ShowCards® leverage the moments in which friends freely share experience and benefits - turning these offline moments into online new business referral opportunities.

Refer a friend - they'll enjoy a 10% discount on their first order with us and then you'll earn credit towards your 3 free ShowCards® worth £29.99!

Simple refer-a-friend cardsHow To Join The RAF Plan

Complete and submit the form on this page; we'll then contact you to learn a little more about your business. We'll want to check your postal address so that we are able to mail your free personalised referral ShowCards® - just like this one.

The ShowCards® you're going to receive will be personalised with your name and your company name. The campaign cards will have an NFC chip and a QR code encoded in such a way that each and every lead you generate will be securely associated with you. We call this 'commission tracking'.

For each new contact (who subsequently places an order) that you introduce to Generation Pop Limited, you'll earn a credit. Introduce 3 new Customers and we'll create, print, encode and deliver 3 original ShowCards® to your door absolutely free. No purchase by you is necessary.

Then How Does This Business Referral Programme Work?

Each card will link to a secure online form for the people you meet offline to complete and submit. Our two factor authentication prevents spam as well as false, bogus and suspect leads by requiring people to enter the individual six digit security code that's printed onto your ShowCard®

The RAF plan's business referral ShowCards® will show you how to weaponise your network and grow your business through word of mouth.

The contact data entered into the form gets securely emailed to Generation Pop Limited and you'll be carbon copied into the email, giving you a reliable record of the referral.

Pass us three successful leads and we'll say "thank you" by sending you 3 free ShowCards®. You choose which website you wish to link to from our growing range of standard designs; choose from YouTube to LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter - we're all across the socials!

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