Reward True Customer Loyalty 🥰Contactless Loyalty ShowCards® incentivise Customers with treats and rewards.

Securing Genuine Retail Loyalty

The Loyalty ShowCard® is a perfect entry point for independent, SME and multisite retailers who need to be able to run a profitable Customer loyalty scheme with simplicity and no risk.

With no apps to install, no cookies to worry about and no personal data to put at risk, our Loyalty ShowCards® safely bring-back retail creativity, excitement and, most importantly, more visitors in-store.

We've developed the Loyalty ShowCard® to remove all risk from retail loyalty programmes and replace loss with more business. Generation Pop wants to help you keep Customers coming back for more by helping you reward true loyalty.

Traditional retail loyalty cards neither improve nor create genuine Customer loyalty - they make no attempt to change buying habits or routines.

Game On! 👾

Genuine loyalty is allowing Customers to play the loyalty game with you alone at the expense of every other business out there. We achieve this by using ShowCards® in campaign mode to increase the frequency of spend by incentivising in-store loyalty with timed challenges, level completion rewards and power-ups.

Loyalty ShowCard for the Loyal Tea CompanyA genuine loyalty card makes Customers go that extra step and cross the road to your establishment instead of your competitors'. Customers know that they can get free coffee from anywhere and so they play the numbers game and carry multiple cards.

💥💥💥 Gamifying Customer Loyalty 🍒🍒🍒

If what you're doing right now is merely counting purchases (and, perhaps, giving away free coffee ☕ ☕ ☕) instead of obsessing over ways of changing buying habits and increasing visit frequencies then you're totally missing the point. Carring a loyalty card does not make a Customer loyal but what they get from you will.

Contactless NFC campaign messaging with a tweet on TwitterThe Internet is posing the biggest challenge to retail - brands which work hard on getting people back in-store for a fresh experience are changing the high street for the better and standing-up to that challenge.

Loyalty ShowCards® let you decide how to reward Customers for returning and spending more - often. Turn shopping into a game and turn retailing back into an art with contactless Loyalty ShowCards® to automatically track and reward loyalty.

We're bringing excitement back onto the highstreet and putting a buzz back into the coffee shop.

Genuine loyalty is devotion, faithfulness and allegiance

  1. Retail Loyalty
  2. Create a compelling and rewarding time-limited promotional campaign.
  3. Issue our digitally printed and encoded cards which have been designed and printed exclusively for your retail business.
  4. Wait for the return business generated by the buzz that your campaign has made possible.
  5. Capture and convert the moment with a ShowCard®.Contact us

Retail and brand loyalty is a cultivated feeling - loyalty is a sense of belonging and wishing a person or, in this case, your brand well. We have listened to retailers under pressure from the undisputed shift to online sales and our response is the Loyalty ShowCard®. The retailers who are on-top of this movement tend to agree with us, that how much the Customer spends isn't a truly wholesome definition of loyalty, only an individual financial indicator. What truly matters is their preference for your in-store experience.

Ultra Short Digital Print Runs

The days of ordering 2,500 loyalty cards which are just the same as everyone elses' are over. Tell us about your retail business and how you do it better - most importantly, tell us about your Customers and what they want. We'll work with you to design a profitable loyalty campaign that keeps people coming back and rewards them for being genuinely loyal.

We print-on-demand so you don't need to stockpile cards and give them away just because they're cluttering your counter. With a ShowCard® you'll no longer be guilt-tripped by pile of unused loyalty cards, silently reminding you how expensive loyalty can be if you don't play the game right.

It's game over for the competition 👾

By gamifying retail loyalty and running in campaign mode, Generation Pop lets you order the smallest number of loyaly cards for flash events and pop-ups, for intense promotions or sustained visits. Update your ShowCards® to encourage genuine Customer loyalty whenever your offer evolves, as a new team member joins, as the seasons change and as Customers buy more from you alone. Using a ShowCard® to incentivise and excite shoppers is a sure-fire winner.

A ShowCard® records transactional business interactions so, whether you wish to issue a ShowCard® to reward loyalty, record process milestones or offer as gift vouchers, you can count on us to keep track of your commercial transactions.